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We are a licensed and legal cannabis Dispensary in California and we ship across all 50 States in USA. We have over 400 products in our store. We have a 99.99% success rate and deliver our products within 48 hours delivery.

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Guaranteed Delivery within 48 hours. We deliver our products across all 50 States and all deliveries take 48 hours.

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We have over 400 Quality Cannabis Products available for our users to choose from.

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With the increasing demand for cannabis products within USA, we sell to all clients above 18 years olds with or without a MMJ card

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In the rarest case where our client has not received the package after 48 hours, our team will track the deliver and either do a full refund or resend the package.

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Weed For Sale

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Customers Reviews

To Be Honest i was very skeptical but after placing an order and got the package after 2 days i wanna confirm that they are really the McDonald in the weed industry. imma always shop witcha all. Thanks alot
Mila Kunis

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I have been with them since 2017 and have never been disappointed when it comes to their quality of product and delivery.
Mike Sendler
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Marijuana For Healthy
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Marijuana For Healthy Online
Buy Marijuana For Healthy

Buy marijuana strains that will let you stay healthy

Modern medicine pins great hopes on the natural healing properties of cannabis. Vast evidence-based research indicates that weed, in many cases, can relax, relieve pain, lift mood, and improve appetite much better than conventional pills. And it has considerably less short- and long-term side-effects than chemical drugs. At our marijuana online shop, you can find an outstanding assortment of the best medicinal strains and various cannabis products that will significantly enhance your wellbeing. 

Cali Brass Dispensary offers you a wide range of goods in the following categories:

  • Plants. We have all weed strains for sale that you can imagine. You can buy flowers, buds, and seeds.
  • Edibles. If you like sweets, you’ll fall in love with our cannabis brownies, cookies, cakes, pies, crunches, peanuts, sherbet, candies, and shatters.
  • Hash. We sell the best sorts from Nepal, the Netherlands, Morocco, and Afghanistan. And there is also hemp gum at our store.
  • Extracts. You can order medical cannabis online in its purest form of oil, concentrates, and resins. We also sell marijuana e-liquid and vape pens.
  • Beauty products. Keep your body young and healthy with our CBD-containing creams, exfoliants, tonics, wax, and sprays.

Our dispensary has high-quality cannabis for sale that you order in a wink. With us, you will save your time and money and have an excellent healing experience.

What do you get when you order weed strains online at Cali Brass Dispensary?

We offer you not only the top-notch goods but also the first-class service. Once you buy something on our website, we will start processing your order immediately. It takes no more than two days, and then we ship your purchased products via FedEx, UPS, or DHL. We deliver to 50 states of America within 48 hours. And if somehow, you didn’t receive your package, we will do our best to find and resend it or make a full refund.

With Cali Brass Dispensary, you will get your weed fast and save a few bucks as well. We sell cheap marijuana buds that were carefully collected by professional growers. We strive to make our products affordable because we believe that everyone should have access to the healing power of cannabis. That’s why we not only provide our customers with weed at a low price but also offer them delicious discounts.

You probably won’t find another marijuana online shop with such a great assortment. And it all is at your service. To buy our products, you don’t need a prescription or MMJ card. Your age is all that matters – if you’re 18, you have a full right to order stuff on our website. We guarantee your confidentiality and security of the delivery. No one will know your personal information or what’s inside your package. We respect your privacy and safety, so we don’t keep any long-term records about you and your orders.

Get the most out of the medical remedies given to us by nature, buying cannabis at Cali Brass Dispensary. With us, your life can become much easier and healthier in just a few clicks.