Seasonal Harvest Shatter


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Firstly, Seasonal Harvest Shatter comes from a high terpene butane nug run extraction. These butane extractions use a full purge tested to pharmacological standards. The nugs are from a pesticide free outdoor grow. We’re really impressed with the quality, strength, and purity of these concentrates!

Available by the half gram.

Stardawg (Sativa) tests at 68.6% THC, 1.9% CBG, 0.4% CBD

WiFi (Sativa) tests at 63.6% THC, 2.1% CBG, 0.5% CBC

Lemon Banana Sherbert (Hybrid) tests at 76.4% THC, 4.8% CBG, 0.2% CBN

Platinum OG (Indica) tests at 77.9% THC, 0.0% CBD, 0.7% CBG

Lucie #6 (Indica) tests at 80.9% THC, 2.4% CBG, 0.3% CBD

Secondly, Seasonal Harvest Shatter buds have conical olive green nugs with bright amber hairs, purple leaves. A sticky coating of sweet syrupy resin that coats each and every bright frosty white trichome.

Thirdly, another child of Girl Scout Cookies genetics, Do Si Dos is also parented by the strong indica OG.  It provide a relaxing experience with just enough energy to keep creative.

In addition, it is a blissfully easy growing process and bountiful yields. Some of the best sungrown Do Si Dos crops can be identified by glistening trichomes and deep purple colors.

Furthermore, we’re starting to see crosses of Do-Si-Dos like Dosi-Punch (with Purple Punch) and Dosickeys (with Bickey’s Cookies).

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