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  1.  Buy PhoDub Extracts Online

PhoDub Extracts makes incredibly clean and powerful shatters, saps, and sugars, but still manages to maintain the complex and fragrant terpenes of the plant. PhoDub concentrates are butane based extractions that are thoroughly purged well within pharmacological standards.

These are very strong concentrate best for chronic pain and insomnia. PhoDub Extracts are available by the gram. All listed concentrates are shattered unless otherwise labeled. PhoDub nug runs are available at $50 per gram, popcorn mid-tier runs are at $40 per gram, while larf or trim runs are available at $30 per gram.

Firstly, at Cali brass Dispensary, we offer a variety of products from cannabis oil, edibles, strains (buds), CBD oil body care, shatter, wax, feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds,  space meds, can chew, cartridges and concentrate.

Secondly, all deliveries take 48 hours if the client is in the USA.  We also offer deliveries to the UK, Australia, Canada, and India. Deliveries out of USDA takes 2-4 business days to get to the client.

Lastly, cost of one pound of PhoDub Extracts?

PhoDub Extracts for sale

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all information on our website is secured and client’s information is kept privately and securely as wee as payment. All payments will be charged securely without any mention of cannabis on the invoice.

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