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Kali Kush got the following smells

  • Earthy
  • 2. Sweet
  • 3. Citrus
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Go earthy with the best Cali Kush for sale

Finding Cali Kush online may be a tall order. But it becomes a walk in the park as ordering cannabis from us is as easy as Sunday shopping. Give yourself up to earthy quality at Cali Brass Dispensary, plus a touch of citrus and sweet notes. Besides, the Cali Kush price and packaging we offer are the best on the market.

Cali Kush comes with a great deal of earthiness but is also mixed with sweet and citrus scents. It’s available as an indica- or sativa-dominant version of the cannabis hybrid. Extra coffee notes distinguish this kush from the other products we sell at Cali Brass Dispensary. 

This strain has dense buds with a couple of leaves and just a few pistils. The flowers are light-green with icy blue and have so many trichomes you can’t help but notice.

Buy Cali Kush to indulge in the strain’s best qualities that only true hybrids possess. It’s a popular choice for evening use for a wave of relaxation.

Get a high-quality Cali Kush strain in California

Wondering where you can grab some Cali Kush in the state? Wonder no more. With Cali Brass Dispensary, you can get your buds within 48 hours. We strive for the satisfaction of all our clients and always guarantee the highest quality of marijuana. Cali Brass Dispensary is a licensed, legal Cali Kush shop operating online. You can order these buds alongside our other products, even if you don’t have an MMJ card.


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